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Firestorm FX - Hot stuff

WASP - The Port Arthur Massacre

Firestorm FX is excited to announce they have been engaged to handle the FX on the controversial feature film based on the tragedy. See the promotional trailer, with the full, drama feature scheduled for filming mid to late 2023.

Horror feature 'Stricken' release 2023

Firestorm FX was engaged to undertake the pyros and FX on Shannon Young's ('Razor Eaters') terrifying new horror feature 'Stricken' which shot over 2022 in Daylesford,Victoria. The film is visceral, with an intelligent script and a healthy dose of action, gore and FX, Coming 2023.

The Siege of Robin Hood

Action hero and martial arts local lad, Paul Allica's hilarious action comedy wrapped with a bang, courtesy of some catapult launched explosions provided by us. 

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